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Facts and Theories

Italian Pyramids


Three pyramids were discovered thanks to satellite and aerial imagery in northern Italy, in the town of Montevecchia (40 km from Milan).
"They are the first pyramids ever discovered in Italy and the dimensions are quite impressive; the highest pyramid is 150 meters tall. They are stone buildings, as recent excavations have proved. However, they are now completely covered by ground and vegetation, so that they now look like hills.



The inclination degree of all the three pyramids is 42/43 and there is a perfect alignment with the Orion constellation (there are a lot of similarities to the Egyptian pyramids).
"Their age is still undefined although they are surely older than 3000 years. Nothing was found nearby which may help to date the structures and in the area there was not any civilization able to build similar structures at the time (the people who lived there were mainly gatherers and hunters).



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