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UFOs & Aliens sightings

McMinnville, Oregon - Paul Trent UFO Photos

Just after dinner on May 11, 1950, Evelyn Trent was out feeding her rabbits when she noticed a disc like craft hovering in the sky just to the northwest of her. She called out to her husband Paul who came out and took pictures of the object, rewound the manual rewind as rapidly as possible, and took another picture 30 seconds or so later.




Afterwards, he put the camera away as the role was not used up yet and later finished the role on Mothers Day activity's. He then took the role of film to town for developing at a drug store on Third Street in McMinnville.

The day Paul Trent developed the film he told banker Ralph Wortman about what had happened out on his property and about the pictures he took. Mr. Wortman later told Editor Phil Bladine of the local paper the Telephone-Register, who in turn, put journalist Bill Powell on the story. It wasn't long before the story had gone nationwide, being called by many publications as the first authentic UFO pictures to be published.

After years of intensive investigation, no one has satisfactorily disproved the images, and to this day they remain genuine pictures of an unidentified flying object.

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