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The Unidentified Flying Object, described as a "Flying Wing", with two enlongated, dome like protrusions on top, and three similar structures, underneath, was overflying the Baltic Fleet, which lay at anchor in Kaliningrad Harbour. According to a Russian Naval Commander, who wishes to remain annomyous, the craft was apparently caught, accidently, withing the sweep patterns of ship mounted search radars, which came on to track it's progress, causing some sort of malfunction which resulted in the crash. "It was traveling at a tremendous rate of speed" he said to RTR reporters, on the scene. "It was very low, not more than 1,500 meters (approximately 5,000 feet) above the surface of the water. When our radars came on, it simply winged over, and dove into the water, as if it has lost either power, or control".

The craft, estimated by onlookers to be traveling at speeds in excess of Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), was absoltely quiet as it passed, but made a "trememdous noise" as it plunged into the water, causing a geyser of steam and water, mixed with small debris, which shot an extimated 500 meters (1500 feet) into the air. "It appeared" one witness, a civilian onlooker, said, "that whoever, or whatever was in control of the craft made a deliberate effort to take it away from the naval ships and the shoreline before it went into the harbor".

One Sovremini Class Destroyer was lightly damaged by flying debris, but, so far, no casualties have been reported. Radiation levels at the site, are high, but the source of the radiation, as well as it's nature, have yet to be determined. Russian authorities, from the Ministry of Health, are qick to point out that the radiation levels are not dangerous, simply "higher than normal".

So far, debris recovered have been small, averaging less than a meter (just over three feet) in diameter, at the largest. Most debris recovered, to date, have been what appear to be "skin material" of an unknown alloy, and interior bracing and piping, composed of a very high grade and extremely pure aluminum. All metal debris have been dispatched to various institutes and universities for analysis, including the prestiegous Bauman Institute of Engineering, in Moscow, and the Moscow State University School of Metalurgy.

Owing to the spped at which the object was traveling, it is considered highly doubtful that any significant remains of crew, if, in fact, the vehicle was piloted, will be recovered. "This looks like your basic 'hair, teeth and eyeballs' situation, one Russian Navy diver said, somewhat grimly.

It is interesting to note that, in spite of the high spped at which the craft was traveling, and it's extremely low altitude, there was no characteristic "sonic boom" associated with it's approach, and no noticable vibration on the ground. This has led many observers, especially those associated with the Russian military establishment to speculate that the propulsion system of the craft was based on some sort of "anti-gravity" device. "Whatever it was", said one Russian Naval Captain, "it was certainly not one of our craft, and I am also not aware of anything of this sort being present in the West".

The immediate area of the crash will be dredged, as soon as a Naval dredge, also attached to the Baltic Fleet, but currently on assignment several hours away, can be brought into position. Dredging operations are expected to becin within the next two to three days, at the latest.

The entire episode is noteworthy in that it was not only captured on videotape by an RTR newscrew, but was instantly aired, not only on RTR, but on all major Russian Network television, via a live feed from the RTR crew, in Kaliningrad. Updates have followed on each regular news broadcast, since the initial downing. Russian Government officials are quick to point out that the downing was, in fact, accidental, and not a "shoot down".

Wintersteel enjoys a very good relationship with the Russian Navy, as well as with the mainstream Russian media, and will be posting photographs of the site, and debris recovered, as soon as they become available. We will also be following updates on the situation, and will post such as become available to our site, at , as well as including them in our newsletter, and in any suplamentary material that may become necessary to distribute.

Due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation, names of all quoted witnesses are being omitted, at the request of the interviewed parties, and, in the case of serving military personnel, at the request of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian Ministry of Defense assures WihterSteel, and all other media outlets, that a full disclosure of the names of witnesses, examining experts and vessels involved, will be made as soon as recovery operations are complete.

Ongoing television and radio coverage of this incident is continuing, as of this writing (5:20 pm Moscow Standard Time, 19 April, 2003.

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