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UFOs and Aliens sightings

Vacation UFO


This photo was taken on Nov 12th 2002, while I was on my way down to Blanding Utah on my vacation. I was taking a shot of the scenery and was completely unaware of any object in the sky. It was not until returning to Orem Utah a week later when my cousin and I were transferring the photos from the camera to a CD that we both noticed the object...We both just looked at each other at the same time and said "NO WAY!"

We found no defects in the windshield that would have caused this type of distortion in any of the other photos. Also this is the only photo that the object appears in. Upon comparing other images from about the same angle thru the windshield there is nothing to suggest that there was any dirt or chips in the area of the windshield that the object appears. It should be noted that there was a crack on the lower left part of the windshield.

As I said when the photo was taken I never even noticed the object as I was driving and trying to keep my eyes on the road while shooting thru the windshield, I do think that the two small dots above the object are sun glare.


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