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UFOs and Aliens sightings

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We spotted these objects on a flight (mid-Sept. 2002) from Washington DC to Atlanta from an MD88, at altitudes ranging from 15,000 to 20.000 at a speed of 515 MPH or about .75 Mach. At first they appeared to be meteorites. The objects were moving incredibly fast, however they were moving too slow for a shooting star.

The objects appeared six times throughout the flight; we attempted to track the objects by banking our aircraft-- we were limited to the amount of roll we could apply to the aircraft because we had a full load of passengers and did not want to alarm them. The objects did not interfere with our flight path in anyway, we changed our course to match theirs. I have witnessed a few strange things during flights but I must say these were the most intriguing.

Thank you,
Capt. Almost Ready to Retire
Curtis Shackleton

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