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UFOs and Aliens sightings

June 7, 1994 Bryce Canyon UFO picture


.  I don't really know what's in the photo, so it remains an Unidentified "something".  The single photo that contains the UFO was just an accident that occured while taking photos of the Bryce canyon area.  I did not know at the time the photo was taken that something, the UFO, was in the photo.  I am definitely sure that the object in question was not a Bald Eagle
as described by the local MUFON chapter's president.  I went to a MUFON meeting to get an opinion on the photo, the president of that chapter looked at it for perhaps 15 seconds, and stated that it was probably a Bald Eagle.  That was it.  So, as the formal meeting started, I sat thru the meeting to get my $10's admissions worth, then left.  It was my 1 and only encounter
with the MUFON group!  I did give him some 8x10 photos of the picture for him to study, but nothing ever came out of that exercise.
Picture  # 1 is a camera zoomed photograph of this Bryce Canyon area, and on this zoomed picture,
you can see the UFO in the lower left corner of the picture frame.


We have studied this photo and do not believe the "Bald Eagle" Theory either,  The Object looks quite large, in comparasion with the background.It would have to be a 30ft Eagle. Unfortunately With our limited Imaging software we are unable to determine exactly what the object is either.

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