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Alien Bases


The following information is presented so you the viewer will gain knowledge. Knowledge is protection and power. To us at Karinya, the existence of these alien bases poses questions and possibly problems for us as Humans. Why are they here, how long have they been here, what are their plans? We are aware from ivreadings and information which we have been gen that the earth has had such "visitors", if they can be called visitors, throughout its long history spaning millions of years. There are others out there, who are very far advanced in comparison to ourselves, and who regulary visit our planet. For what purposes we can only guess. But, to achieve bases and spend considerable time on earth without our knowledge, well, to us this appears they, whomever they are, are not up to anything positive. This can readily be seen if we can believe the reports and other data we have read about such intruders.

One thing we have observed, and these are tips for you the viewer should you ever be confronted by these beings/aliens, is that one should exhibit or provide them no fear. Be aggressive to them - attempt to get them off guard. If you think you are confronted by one of these, and you may never know if the person you are talking to is one of them or not, because they come in all disguises, just think no fear, and mentally surround yourself with positive white light. The first step is to know and understand these beings, the second step is to be able to have no fear about them as to bodily damage and damage to your own spirit. And think LOVE at all times and service to others! What you think is what you will attract to yourself. It's a fact and has been proven over and over to be correct.

Alien Moon Base

Bases around the world

Underground Alien Bases

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and aliens on the earth and their "plans" for us,
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