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Evidence Against Aliens

How to know fake photos from real ones?

Ahh UFO photos, the easiest thing to fake in the whole world. Thousands of photos of UFO's have turned out to be fakes. The UFO may be a balloon, a model or a computer created image, they are all easy to do. Although there is also the genuine mistakes when the photo may not be a fake but the person who took it genuinely believed it was a UFO. People mistake planes for UFO's, birds, balloons and sometimes even clouds. This photo has been proved to be a balloon although it may look like something else.



Astronomical Events


The thing is that 95% of photos taken are either fake or proven to be something else. It is very hard to tell if a Ufo photo is fake just by looking at it. In this picture the object is reflecting the sunlight. The balloon has been wrapped in silver foil to give it this effect.  

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