UFO Clouds


It has been widely indicated that UFOs have been able to disguise themselves by making themselves appear as clouds. For instance, when one sees a single cloud in the sky where there are no others, one can assume it is more than likely a UFO.


Troutdale, Oregon


These are some of the clouds that formed east of the Troutdale, Oragon towards the evening. They are the kind of cloud that is sometimes mistake for UFOs. ( 2001.8 )



Utah , March 2001  Cloud covered UFO?



These Photos are very interesting, a near perfect UFO shaped cloud? or a UFO hiding itself in a artificial cloud?

Photos were taken with a digital camera. These photos were sent to us 12/2/2001.

  We were house hunting...the picture was taken from Saratoga Springs which is on the West side of Utah Lake in Lehi, so I think, I think it was in-between Timp. Mt. and the Mt. where squaw peak is. 

One thing....your right if this is a cloud covered UFO it is enormous.  Susan

UUFOH NOTE: This is probably a cloud formation though a very odd one.


This example was seen over Snowdonia in July, 1997. High pressure over Scotland, thundery low in SW England. Conditions were hot and breezy - and a bit hazy.

Some Clouds!


if you have any information about these pictures please contact us.






so is this a UFO or is it just a cloud formation?

Is this possible!!?

The following is from a reader who viewed a posting from Jean Hudon (Canada). Photos courtesy of National Weather Service, Melbourne, Florida. Photographers: Matt Bragaw, Peter Blottman.

Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 Subject: Comments on "hole in cloud" From: Ashiar Samone Jean.

Regarding the so-called, "hole in cloud", you and your readers may be interested in knowing that at a conference in Santa Fe in September (2000), one of the speakers, possibly Robert Dean, showed slides of UFOs forming clouds to disguise themselves inside them. Amazingly enough, the trail underneath is a part of the process. He showed slide after slide, where people had caught the entire process in photographs and on video. He also showed the most famous photograph, the one over Mt. Shasta. It has been made into a poster/print. But, there are many others. And now it looks like we can add these photos to the list!


"UFO" Clouds - properly known as Stratocumulus or Altocumulus Lenticularis, depending on height. They are not uncommon in Scotland but are less frequently seen further south. They vary from very to extremely photogenic! This page covers a few Welsh examples, followed by the results of a "lenticular cloud-chase" in Scotland way back in 1990.


October 1990, Glen Lyon to Loch Tay, Scottish Highlands. An afternoon off work and a new fall of snow on the tops prompted an explore, so I drove up Glen Lyon, thinking to cross over the Ben Lawers range and down to Loch Tay. Snow on the road but I had a landrover so no worries....Beautiful cirrus, looking northwards across Glwn Lyon from the pass.Things getting more promising as I cross the pass...This was the scene that greeted me as I reached the Ben Lawers car-park! It's as though the thing is bearing down, to collide with the mountain and obliterate it. But it just hung about where it was.


I stayed at the car-park for ages and then towards sunset I set off down the steep lane to join the Killin-Aberfeldy road that runs along the northwestern shore of Loch Tay. The clouds persisted so that I was able to stop and get this pic.

This day happened nearly 10 years before I took up severe weather photography in a full-on way. Just a gentle day out in the hills with my camera. I was still scared stiff of thunderstorms back then but I was only in my late twenties. Perhaps becoming "middle-aged" mellows one's fears - or perhaps new fears generated by human activity occupy the mind to an ever greater extent, so that simple, uncontrollable atmospheric violence becomes a thing to behold and wonder at. There is a strange comfort in watching the clouds and considering the fact that such processes have gone on for thousands of millions of years in the past - and will go on for for many more millennia, with a perfect disregard of human arrogance.

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